Our Process - The Clive Christian Furniture Co commissioning process explained


OUR PROCESS - background


Like the best things in life – a Savile Row suit, couture evening gown, perfect menu, or cherished vehicle – you can’t simply purchase our work. You commission it. Because every piece of crafted workmanship that leaves our UK workshop is created just for you, and crafted from the world’s finest materials to exceed your expectations. With our expert support and guidance, you’ll participate in an exciting creative journey, defining, designing and inspiring our artisans to craft a unique backdrop to your extraordinary life.



The journey begins with our Concierge team. When you express your interest to learn more about how we can help to transform your environment, we will connect you with one of our talented Design Partners. They will personally guide you through the design and development process to realise your ambitions.


Your Design Partner will meet with you, offering inspiration, advice and guidance as you explore what’s possible. You can experience examples of our work at our showrooms – or at your invitation, we will be delighted to visit your residence. Together you'll start exploring possibilities, sharing ideas and getting to know and understand what perfection looks and feels like to you. 

Inspired design 

The difference lies in the detail. The curve of a corner. The beautiful burr of a rare wood veneer. The innovative techniques we’ve evolved to make everyday life a little more luxurious. We will make sure that we really understand how you use your space, using our experience to highlight those extra special touches that will enhance your every day. 

From the first pencil sketch, each design component is carefully considered, bespoke to your taste and space. Sketched concepts are then transformed into technical product designs, uniting aesthetics, innovation and function in harmony with the world’s finest core materials.

Our wood is sustainably sourced from carefully managed resources. Furthermore, we maintain a biomass converter to utilise all offcuts to provide heat for the workshop and underline our environmentally friendly ethos.



When you are ready to commission your project, we prepare a series of detailed technical drawings that our workshop will use to make your furniture. Only once you are completely happy with these drawings will production begin.

Craft and creation 

Ideas become reality, handcrafted with obsessive care by our dedicated craftsmen and women. Our workshop in the north of England is a UK Centre of Excellence, where we combine precision technology with 300-year-old cabinetry and finishing skills to ensure the exceptional quality of every individual piece. 


Your vision comes home. After final checks, we will arrange for your furniture to be delivered and installed by our authorised partners, careful specialists who share our values.


We hope you have found our website inspiring, and we would love to stay in contact. To receive the latest news about our products, services, events and promotions, simply provide your details and we’ll do the rest.