‘We are very excited to work together with Clive Christian Furniture on the Vividus suite project. It makes sense to have two brands with a long craftsmanship history and commitment to excellence together at one place.’  

Jan Ryde Hästens CEO

When we met with Hästens, a brand with six generations of history in making the best handcrafted beds in the world, we knew immediately that we were amongst kin.

Everything Hästens stands for mirrors our own values - impeccable design, precision craftsmanship a demanding eye for detail and a respect for decades old handcrafting techniques that simply can’t be bettered. So how do you compliment the most luxurious bed this distinguished brand has ever made? 

You create the most luxurious environment for it to be showcased.

We began with a sketch to demonstrate the interior solution that would most compliment the space.   From here we worked up the styles and finishes that were most appropriate to the environment and the product. Once we had agreed the concept, complimented with the warmth of our signature paneling we began to work on the three unique furniture pieces.


The headboard is the centre piece of any bedroom, and we wanted this one to be a true work of art.  Immersing ourselves in the Hästens spirt, we knew that we wanted to include the iconic Hästens Horse - a nod to their heritage as they began life as saddle makers.

We rested on the concept of ‘Dreamscape’ where each morning you wake to the vision of a Hästens horse galloping through a beautiful sunburst. Our expert marquetry team hand pieced each individual element of the design, using paper thin slices of precious Burr oak, walnut and pinstriped with striking lemon satin wood.  


Traditionally designed to provide easy access to fresh bed sheets, towels, clothing, and other textiles; a linen press occupies a prominent position in the bedroom - often as built-in cabinet. 

The exterior cabinetry features a rich sophisticated timber palate of walnut and oaks echoed throughout the interior. Notably the door, draw fronts and end panels feature a striking contrast design. Outer radial bands of crown cut oak are highlighted with an inner pinstripe of lemon satin wood and a central panel of Burr Walnut. 

The Cabinet is decorated with our 'Classical Luxe' handle made of brass adorned with a with a bespoke veneer insert. The interior and the draws are lined with ‘delta blue’ leather, a playful colored hide which nods to the Hästens iconic check.


The console table is also designed with a nod to Scandinavian heritage, wall mounted with pyramidical legs to keep the design clean and simple.

We consciously wove Hästens iconic jacquard check into our furniture. So much more than fabric design – the check acts as a physical alignment tool for the craftsmen, ensuring the precision shape to the product. Attention to detail such as this appeals to our relentless precision craftsmanship and obsession with the very finest detailing.

With this in mind we designed a chequerboard top using crown and burr cut walnut and oak timbers with a lemon satin wood pinstripe complete with a mini Hästens horse etched into the bottom right check to sign off the piece. 

As with the Linen Press, the Console Table is decorated with a  'Classical Luxe' handle made of brass adorned with a with a bespoke veneer insert. The draws are also lined with the ‘delta blue’ Bridge of Weir leather.  

HÄSTENS VIVIDUS - LIMITED EDITION COLLECTION by Clive Christian Furniture Co. is available to view at Hästens,  115 Fulham Road, London, SE3 6RL.

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