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Whether you wish to create a single piece to bring joy to the everyday, a restful sanctuary in the family home, or a suite of rooms to dazzle and impress, our artisans are at your disposal. Our uniquely collaborative process means that every project is unique – there’s no such thing as 'off the shelf' here. We work in partnership with our clients, their architects and interior designers, and are proud to have created beautiful spaces for some of the most exclusive addresses in the world.


Whether it is hand-painted details, the softest silk and leather linings, or marquetry that spans from understated elegance to elaborate exuberance, we know that it’s the finishing touches that make all the difference. Our philosophy is simple: if you can dream it, we can make it. Discover the techniques we favour, then open your imagination to create your own masterpiece.


They say home is where the heart is, and you can truly make your mark on your home with insignia. Our artisans can inlay your family insignia to your furniture, using the finest materials and time-honoured techniques to make every piece tomorrow’s heirloom. 

We work with clients to incorporate the traditional marital etiquette of ‘first’ initial, surname and ‘second’ initial into door fronts and table tops. We’ll work with you to create a design that reflects your personality, carefully considering fonts, styling and materials including exquisite veneers and mother of pearl. The result will compliment your furniture style, while bringing the epitome of upscale living and individuality home.


One of our most celebrated services is marquetry inlay. Furniture inlaid with precious woods, metals, glass and stones dates back to the ancient world. However, the use of marquetry in luxury cabinet-making that we are most familiar with today originates in France in the mid-seventeenth century – there it was used to create furniture of unprecedented luxury, the lineage of which we follow today. The specialist carpenters at our UK centre of excellence are proud to continue this age-old art, and can work with you to transform furniture into truly breathtaking functional masterpieces. 

Whether you would like to to add a simple monogram on a contemporary console table top, recreate the Manhattan skyline over your mantle, or indulge in a playful wall of hidden doors, marquetry inlay creates real talkability in your home. 

Cabinet Jewellery

We believe you should add your own touch to every element of your furniture, we call it ‘elevating the everyday’. Our cabinetry jewellery offers much more than the functionality of a handle. These beautiful accents are a core consideration in the personality of each piece. 

As well as offering a range of identifiably Clive Christian options, our Classical Luxe handles can be personalised to reflect your individual style. Choose wood, leather, crystal – or even a personal insignia – for a truly unique scheme.


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